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I have always been filming videos and recording my fishing experiences, but often wondered what it would be like if I started to share them on platforms like YouTube. I decided on the name SmallmouthCrush because it encompasses my passion for fishing and makes people wonder:  Do I have a crush on these fish or am I addicted to watching how a smallmouth crushes a bait and fights? My focus is Smallmouth Bass, but I also share plenty of content about Largemouth Bass fishing.

The SmallmouthCrush brand has a great following. These subscribers to my YouTube Channel are truly some of the most loyal followers I have ever seen on a fishing related YouTube Channel.  I believe the reason that I have such a loyal fan base is because I share a wide variety fishing techniques with them, that work.  I like to take my time to review and test out products before I endorse them and viewers see that what I talk about and use, that I consistently catch fish on it.  I am not just trying to sell another product or brand.

Co-host Eric from the Bass Lab and I go LIVE on my YouTube Channel at 8 PM EST on Mondays.  This LIVE STREAM show is both educational and entertaining.  We invite a variety of guests from the fishing industry onto the show. 

We normally start off our LIVE STREAMS with an update and any relevant stories since our last LIVE. The main segment in our LIVE features the invited guest or chosen topic of the night.  The last segment is what we call “SmallmouthCrush After Hours.” Viewers appreciate the banter between me and Eric.

SmallmouthCrush Podcast