Open Water Sniper

The O.W. (Open Water) Sniper Jig is ready to wreak havoc on pressured, clear-water fish. Insight from Travis Manson – smallmouth afficionado, guide, and media owner at Smallmouth Crush, was taken into account in the construction of this jig. We eliminated the weedguard which is not necessary around rocky bottom with minimal grass, and fitted it with a sticky sharp BKK 2/0 Needlepoint. Tungsten Compound material is lead-free, harder than lead, but just soft enough to be pulled free from rock snags. Molded size stamp for easy identification, hand-tied short cut skirts, and a ribbed, double-barb keeper will lock trailers in place.

Drop Minnow

Designed in partnership with Travis Manson, the Drop Minnow is in a league of it’s own. It’s extremely versatile – allowing you to drop shot it, Damiki rig it, hop it, swim it, or fish it like a Ned. The ribbed body provides a unique vibration in the water and the thin tail gives incredible lifelike action. When dead-sticked on a dropshot or suspended on a jig head the bait will sit perfectly horizontal giving it a natural appearance. The smallest amount of movement in the bait will have the tail twitching like crazy.

Adding scent to your artificial fishing baits and certainly help improve your bite ratio.  Pro-Cure is one of the top scent manufactures in the country and offer hundreds of different products.  Travis has teamed up  Pro-Cure to make a special scent that can be used for Smallmouth called Smallmouth Magic.  It is a formulated blend that has all the right fish catching scent. If you want to get more bites and hook more smallmouth this season give the Pro-Cure Smallmouth Magic Super Gel a try!  
If you fish tidal water fisheries pick up the Tidal Water Special Super Gel, which has a formulated blend designed to help you get more bites in tidal water.  Places like the James River, Potomac, and Chesapeake Bay would be perfect for this scent.  With a special blend of Blue Crabs and other scents, this is sure to help you get more bites on your soft plastic presentations!  
Travis loves using Get Bit Baits tubes for many years and they are responsible for many many fish catches.  These tubes are SmallmouthCrush Approved and make sure to try some of his favorite colors.  Green Pumpkin, Smoke/Purple Tail, Amber Purple, Dark Melon, and Green Pumkin Copper.  Use smc10 to save on your order today!